The passion of grilling

Standing around a fire with friends, the smell of meat cooking, maybe keeping warm together on a cool evening. This is where we get our inspiration, this is what we want to share with you.

Outdoor Ovens

Ñuke ovens come in 35.5 inches deep size and are designed to cook all kinds of foods with enveloping heat. Whether you want to cook ribs, chicken, bread, or a whole pig, up to 5 lbs, Ñuke ovens are the perfect way to create a wonderful meal.

We have two versions: with or without base

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The Delta

Inspired by the centuries long tradition of Gauchos grilling on Argentine Pampas (prairies). Each piece is caringly crafted by highly trained artisans and by virtue of it’s unique design and features, allows you to create results that will surprise even the most experienced Chef or adventuresome griller.

We have two versions: with or without base

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The Pampa

Hand-crafted by Argentinian artisans, the Ñuke Pampa is an Argentinian-style gaucho grill designed to bring a modern style and functionality to the centuries-long grilling traditions on the Argentina Pampas (prairies).

  • Constructed of heavy-gauge steel
  • Lined with heat-refractory bricks that focus the heat
  • Split grill grate (547 square inch) allows easy access to the lower section of the grill where charcoal or real-wood fire is built
  • External adjustment arm raises and lowers the entire grill surface for fine heat adjustments
  • Attached steel lid can close to encapsulate the heat and protect against wind
  • Includes the durable stand with two swivel casters for easy portability, as well as fire poker and coal shovel
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